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Critic’s Review: Katie Apicella

“The cast was uniformly excellent, but standouts were Christianna Nelson’s Emma: “Do you think about genitals all the time?”, Kristen Rozanski’s feral Sue: “Celibacy solves nothing!”, and Katie Apicella’s hilarious Christina, who could give Amy Sedaris a run for her money

-Lisa Del Rosso

January 12, 2008


GO Magazine

“What really makes the play, though, is its excellent use of physical comedy. As the sexy stewardesses run around the plane pointing water guns at each other, it’s impossible not to feel like a part of their game. Christina (Katie Apicella), the feisty newcomer among the group, is especially hilarious, at times sucking on ice cubes laced with bourbon and getting frustrated at losing a game of plane-croquet (which is where the play derives its name- “wickets” are the hoops used in croquet).

– Gizem Unsalan.

January 26, 2009


“Overall this is a sensitive and successful production which enfolds its audience into a world where a successful sorority of women can communicate with one another as equals, without catty or bitchy intrusions due to the presence of men. Which isn’t to say that the men in the audience will feel excluded – costumer Candace Knox has clothed her cast in uniforms that caught (and held) the eye of more than a few of the guys in the audience, and actresses like Katie Apicella and Jessica Jolly take full advantage of this in their manipulations of the audience.

-Rachel Lynn Brody

January, 2009


new THEATER corps

It’s easier to empathize with Sue (Kristen Rozanski), who sexually represses, and Christina (Katie Apicella), a timid conformist, when they’re inches away. It’s really a disservice to reduce these women to labels, given the rich complexity with which the actresses embody them.”

-Aaron Riccio

January 8, 2009







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3 1/2 out of 4 Stars****

3 1/2 out of 4 Stars****



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